Sold to the Sky

We are Sold To The Sky. We aren't like other bands. We don't just stand there and play the songs... We perform the songs. We combine musicianship, raw energy and a hell of a lot of fun to give you a unique live band experience.

We play the songs other bands don't dare to. From AC/DC and Led Zeppelin to Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift, we make sure everyone escapes their daily lives for a few hours an...d has an absolute blast!

Come and see us live and experience it for yourself.


Originally known for being a covers band, we are also getting great feedback and some local radio play of our original music.

Our sound comes from being rockers at heart, we combine driving guitar riffs with great vocal range and harmonies with catchy melodies to sing along to. By the 2nd chorus you will be singing along to songs you have never heard before! We offer light and shade too, with soft, melodic quiet sections into thumping choruses

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