Cobolt Collision

Cobolt Collision: A 4 piece northern Rock band, powerful melodic vocals meets heavy hitting drums, massive bass and catchy riffs! what more could you want?

You want more? Well here it is!:


Well if your reading this your probably bored out yer tree anyway so i'll ramble for a bit! If you've made it here by whatever means then you perhaps like our music and want to support us! so thanks, it means a lot.

Phase 1:

The band was founded by drummer Rob and guitarist Jimi back in 2010, but too much alcohol was consumed and nothing really happened until 2013 where after already going through bandmates quicker than rum we eventually hailed Ryan in as bassist, at the time Ryan had never played in a band and had only just started to play the Bass. That was the beginning, 3 mates just messing around jamming together in a house, no aims no goals no structure just in it to play. eventually we decided to do the whole band thing. so we got a vocalist, rob had insisted on a female vocalist, and a second guitar player. both of whom for personal reasons are no longer members of the band. and we gave ourselves a name, a shit one but at least we had one! It took a long time to get off the ground but there was no sense of urgency, we were just doing it for fun! why else would you do it! By this point its 2015 we've played a lot of venues mainly playing covers with a couple of our own chucked in but the band had hit that wall athletes seem to hit all the time, maybe they don't look where they're going ? or maybe exercise makes you blind ? I dunno, anyway we had a sit down which ultimately led to the band as it currently was to split with Rob, Jimi and Ryan sticking together.

Phase 2:

So we're sat in the studio debating what to do, who should we hire ? do we need another guitarist ? one thing was for sure, between us we had chemistry, we enjoyed playing and writing together and all wanted nothing more than to play live. We auditioned guitarists, keyboard/synth players, but ultimately we decided instrumentally we liked it just the way it was! now to find a singer, at this point we weren't bothered by gender or experience we just wanted to get back on the horse and get gigging again, again we trailed a few but they all came up short, until Jessie.  Jessie (formally of Trashstars and Black Cat) came to the studio having learnt a handful of our covers, and she immediately fit straight in, she had the same ideas as us, same attitude, same quirky taste. and then she sang, and blew us all out the window, the door, the sodding building.. after the audition the 3 of us sat down and just said 'well we can't say no to that'. We decided the best thing to do to see if she fit in with us completely was to do a gig, so 2 weeks after joining we did our first gig with her still under the name of 'into the blue' (yes, like that crappy film....)

And the lineup was complete, after all the feedback from the gig it was clear this was how we needed to stay. So we sacked off our almost all our original tracks and started again, this time we meant it, pushing hard to get gigs left right and centre. Jessie had definitely inspired the rest of us to pick ourselves up and push as hard as we could to make something of ourselves, we booked a studio and dived straight in to record our Debut EP which has just been released.

And we are booked in to a Manchester studio with the same producer to do our debut album, which we aim to get to you for early 2017.

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