Muse Inc.


Muse Inc. hails from Staffordshire and were put together by Rob Mills who's previous CV includes a stint with Diamond Head and also our other tribute band the Hot Red Chili Peppers who he still plays with. Indeed the rhythm section, brothers Ray and Chris Green are from that band too. We decided that the band Muse, aside from being a great band that we all love (a prerequisite for being a great tribute), would be a worthy challenge to actually go out and try and pull it off! So here we are...

The band also recruited the talents of Dean Deavall on keyboards. Dean has been with Feeder for a number of years and has always had a fascination with the tribute band scene, so much so that he decided in between his busy schedule that he could just about fit it in to become an integral part of what is destined to become one of the biggest tributes in Europe and who knows maybe the world!!! Bring on the uprising!

Muse Inc. - the supermassive Muse tribute band.

Accept no imitations.....apart from the best one!


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